Best Motor Sports Events you Must Watch

The speed, the competition, and the adrenaline rush- all these make motor sports unlike any other. The fast racecars and racing bikes zooming past spectators are an experience second to none. Thanks to sports channels, you can catch up with your favorite racers and races without feeling the wind in your face.

There are some great motor sport events that fans all over the world wait for with anticipation and enthusiasm. The greatest motor sports events are the ones that feature a challenging track, the best racers, and of course, racecars and bikes of the latest model that are built for the speed.

Listed below are our dream destinations when it comes to motor sports. The best events that every fan should keep track of are:

The Indy 500

This mega event features the world’s most storied tracks in terms of racing speeds- which can go well above 200 mph. Unveiling itself in front of nearly four hundred thousand spectators, thirty three mighty racecars lap the tracks in all their glory.

Rally Finland

High speeds, forestlands, loose gravel, rough pavements, and not to mention, driving rain make this track a challenge in its own league. Besides the flashy cars and track challenge, this track also boasts some of the highest jumps in motor sports record that send the cars flying to distances that equal half the length of a soccer field!

The Dayton 500

The 3500 pound stock cars race for survival is equipped with V8 engines, carbs, and speeds as high as 150 mph. The amazing venue and the sheer glamour of it makes it the great motor sports challenge that it is.

The Isle of Man TT

Racing motorbikes turn up the volume at this breathtaking and scenic village terrain. This remote island situated in the west of England is home to one of the greatest biking challenges in the world. The track is a total 37.5 miles of motorcycling excellence.

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco, the royal island of grace, is home to the crowning glory of F1 racing. The participating vehicles are more than seven hundred horsepower beasts that have been let loose in the streets.

24 Hours of Le Mans

In this list, we bring you an endurance race. Not every racer can keep going for twenty four hours straight while most mainstream races last for around two hours only. In the case of an inclement of weather, the challenge becomes even more intense.